Yash Deshmane

Phew! what a week, I am excited about our Diwali break and the fun we will have in the break. Festivals inspire creativity and freedom and that’s what we were  busy doing the whole week. This week was a memorable one for me, the most important point in this week that i have learned is how to make a place that feels more festive and energetic with some of the most creative people i have met till date. Let’s have a look at our Diwali projects.





Stall that we decorated for the Diwali exhibition.


This brings us to what exactly is this blog about, you must be wondering about it? Yes, this is one of the creative competition that DMES has conducted. Initially I did not even think of participating but after I did I was glad I got an opportunity to write about my experience of Design. DMES, these may be some random four letters to someone, but for me this is the foundation of my career. Honestly, I knew nothing about Design before coming to DMES, I just have a dream of becoming a product designer, which DMES is helping me to make it a reality for me and we’ve done a pretty awesome job till now. The quote below by Robert Peters is so appropriate for me.


Design creates culture.
Culture shapes values.
Values determine the future !   




Designing and Design Media & Edutainment Solutions (DMES) has given my thoughts a new and broader landscape, as a beginner I did have many boundaries in my creativity and still have, but I’m sure DMES and I will work together to diminish these boundaries which is so important for an artist. Artists! we have the Trimurti of DMES (Satish sir, Dhananjay sir, Madhukar sir) , the three artists who have taken the task to develop  the future designers like us. I would like to take a moment to tell you guys a little about these personalities. Satish sir, the Director of our institute, this man is a perfectionist! and he trains us to be perfect in what we do, we don’t just learn designing here folks, we learn about life too, he is a powerhouse of creativity and because of him we get to attend some interesting workshops that adds to our knowledge. Dhananjay sir, he is the most enthusiastic and coolest teacher that I have met and his role is to make us more observant than Mr. Holmes. Madhukar sir, the man behind our improvement in drawing skills, we have learnt so many drawing techniques from him, if my drawing seems good to people it is because of Madhukar sir.




We all enjoy to work with our friends and the friends that I have made in this institute inspire me in their own way.All 7 of them are unique and has so many positive qualities that I try to learn from them. Our institute inspires us to maintain the culture of unity without losing the sense of competition.




Outdoor sketching session


Sridevi mam, Radhika mam and aleifiya mam also support us to thrive for our dreams. DMES in a whole is an experience that i’ll cherish for my entire life and i’m sure this is just a beginning.

Thanks a lot for reading till the end. Blogging is something new that i have learned and hope I will blog a lot more hence forth. 😀

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