I joined DMES on July 2016 and since then I’ve learned a lot about art and design. Met new people made new friends made new things had a lot of fun actually. We we started with the basics and then we are gradually gonna move forward to the more technical stuff ….and I can’t wait to use those Mac computers , they are so sleek and shiny. But first we have to get better at the basics. The basics includes shading , sketching ,3 tones , colour , crafting etc.




We have the interesting workshop about various departments in the creative field such as animation, acting, creative crafts, photography etc which makes us us understand that department of field better. this institute is different from the other institutes as it develops the creativity in an individual. And brings out the talents in them. The staff here are also kind and friendly people. the faculty members are also friendly too




We have two sir who teach us art. Madhukar sir who is a very talented artist teaches us all the basics on drawing,  sketching and painting . He is very patient with all of us even if we don’t understand something he teaches us that same thing with ease

Dhananjay sir teachs is a very enthusiastic and brilliant artist who is also an animator. He teaches sketching and portrait making. Dhananjay sir’s class is fun and interesting.we have so much fun learning .Also we learn something thing  new every time after the end of his lecture

Also we get to learn a lot from Sathish sir who is the director of DMES he teaches is that attention to detail is the most important thing at design he very talanted too and also very skilled at his. Work

I also have some really good friends at design Utsavv , Yash , shewta , Priyanka , Namrata , Aditya, Manisha who joined design the same day as me

My best friends are Utsavv and Yash …..man without these guys , coming to design would have been boring . We have so much fun so much so that it starts getting crazy , cracking jokes , playing games , doing creative work together it’s all so awesome and fun





These guys are my best friends at design

Utsavv and Yash …my bros

Also feels pretty great to call our selfs the first batch of Design. Maybe some day DMES will call us in the future when we are professionals  and ask as to conduct a workshop for the future design students …..that would feel so great

One can really find their calling here at design . Their destiny in art and creative field .maybe this place thinks different because they don’t want just animators , or designers , or artists …..they wanna make us into people who think out of the box . Who believes in innovation and development.make us  professional artists and designers with lots of skill and talent

This place is really cool……..






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