“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist
once he grows up”
-Pablo Picasso


Paintings, globs of paints, brushes and colors are the things that have fascinated me since the age of four. I was an artist till I was trapped in the hands of the stereotypical society which had apparently already planned out my career and my passion. In this chaos, somewhere down the road, I lost myself and I found myself aligning my thinking to theirs. “It’ll be great”, they said. “Science is the best for you”, they said. “You have a way with computers.” And amidst this, deep within I had that one tiny part of me still that wanted to break open the chains, go against all the odds and live my passion.

I was in need of someone who would believe in my dream, guide me through the path of achieving it, make me better in what I am good at and that is when I met Satish Narayanan sir, the founder of Design Media and Edutainment Solutions (DMES). Never have I seen a person who is that creative, enthusiastic and passionate about his work. Trust me, you can’t possibly ask for a better guidance than what he has to offer. DMES is a place which is a treat to your eyes and learning there gives an enriching experience to the soul of the artist in you.




Those vibrant colours, beautifully designed interiors, equipped with the best electronic gadgets a designer would need and of course a highly qualified and dedicated faculty, one can’t help but fall in love with this place.


Satish sir, Dhananjay sir, Madhukar sir


Madhukar sir is the most talented and skilled artist one can come across. His artwork can inspire and motivate students to improve their skills and may be atleast try getting close to his level of perfection. You go to him at any hour of the day , he would be always ready to impart the knowledge he has in the most patient way possible.

Dhananjay sir believes in originality, thinking beyond boundaries, helping students in exploring their  potential by introducing you to tasks or assignments that one has never heard of or seen before. His approach to design and his mastery on his skills certainly makes him one of the best teachers a student can get.
Well now you know why I felt like like blogging about my experience here! When I joined this institution I had limited exposure to the design world, but now, in just like 3 months I feel that I atleast have a hint of what my potential is and what I can achieve if I continue to pursue the course here in DMES.




These are few examples of the assignments we were given in the first two months of the course. Don’t you think its exiting to work with different mediums like colour pencils, water colours, poster colours, charcoal, pastels,etc and seeing yourself getting familiar with things you have never done before ! These basic design skills are the foundation of one’s career as a designer. The patience, precision and personal attention with which we were taught all of those was outstanding. After this I am certainly even more sure that if I build further on this strong foundation, there is no better career for me than of a designer.
Along with the assignments, which are a part of the syllabus, there are numerous workshops being conducted in the institute which give us an insight to the fields like Product Designing, Animation and film making, Photography , etc. For me , the experience of attending the product designing workshop has been amazing. That was the first time I realised that I actually could manage to identify some real world problems that we come across everyday and design an efficient product concept to solve them. I mean, this is so cool ! After that I am like, why not consider this field as a career option!
No matter what field I really end up taking in the future , but such workshops really do help you find that hidden potential in you which you should explore further and keep looking for good  opportunities.
Festive seasons are associated with colours,creativity and lights. Why talk only about assignments and workshops ? We ,here at DMES ,celebrate every festival with great interest and enthusiasm!
Its been a week now since we all have been hit by the festive vibes of Diwali ! We have painted diyas, decorated the place, made creative greeting cards and other fun stuff. I have loved and enjoyed every bit of it.

fullsizerender-1 fullsizerender-2 fullsizerender-3


It took us days to complete all of these but as it is said, if you put your heart into your work then it ceases to be a burden and you even lose track of the time spent on it.
And now after what seems like forever, I think I might have finally discovered myself and found happiness in what I am doing. I am glad that bit by bit things have started to fall into place and somehow everything just fits perfectly. No doubt , design it is.

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