Design School introduces a new system of education in the field of creative art and design, which is named as “Integration of Design skills with education.” The courses are designed with a futuristic approach and aimed at developing the skill sets of the learner. To meet the growing demand of trained professionals, we equip our learners with the highest level of exposure and knowledge in arts and design.

The curriculam structure

Level-01: Foundation Course

Level-01 is your introduction to the world of art and design. The foundation course prepares the learners to realise their skill in the creative arena. It energises the inner talents in the learners while introducing the possibilities of thinking out-of-the-box. The practically- oriented course is a preparatory course for school leavers as well as individuals to get introduced to the world of creativity.

The instructors here are dedicated to giving a strong foundation in art studies for the students so that they realise the power of artistic innovations. Enrolling in the foundation course will help the learners to recognize their interest and choose the right one from different aspects of design like communication, animation, film, product, architectural, fashion, etc and pursue further studies in it.

Level-01: Pathway Program

evel-01 is your confidence boosting program. The Pathway Program prompts learners to think critically and engage in the exploration of the newer concepts in design. It enhances the level of understanding and ignites the basic skills in learners, so that they get the confidence to progress towards a career in art and design.

It is primarily designed for students pursuing studies in commerce, arts, engineering, etc. Professionals who are looking forward for a career change in the creative industry can also benefit from this course.

The course will make you aware of the exciting career opportunities in art and design. It will help you to realise your area of interest among different fields like communication, animation, visual effect, film, product, robotics etc.

Level-02: Up-skill Program

Level-02 is your stepping stone to a wonderful career in the design industry. As the name suggests, Level-02 focuses on channelizing the skills of the students in a way that it helps them to have a successful career in the design industry.

After the foundation course and Level-01, the students will be well aware of the subjects. They will also realise their area of interest. In Level-02, the student will learn newer concepts about the particular industry and the working methodology. Plus they will attend a series of seminars, workshops and industry visits etc, and thus exposure is created.

Level-03: Specialist

Level-03 is your step-by-step learning from ideation to final product. This is your introduction to the functioning of the industry you are interested in. You will learn the production process that is happening in the particular industry. You will also get in-depth knowledge of the subject so as to minimise the errors.

Once you complete the course, you will have hands-on experience in working as a team in the design industry. You will be given training to complete the work in required deadline.

Level -04: Industry Ready

Level -04 makes you ready for the design industry. After completing the three levels of program, you are now ready to deliver the results. You will be given a chance to work on a live project or internship with a leading organisation. It will give you industry exposure. You will also get accustomed to the job culture of a firm.

The successful completion of the programs will ensure you an exciting career in the design industry. You will be equipped with the relevant knowledge, exposure, and skill set to excel in your career.

Please note that the training program is given to students who successfully complete the other three levels of training.

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