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VFX Workshop

On 19th November 2016, Design Media & Edutainment School held an informative workshop on Visual Effects at their premises at Camp, Pune. Many students from various institutes & colleges gathered at DMES to gather information on the field of study in design. Industry veterans like R Ravi Chandran & Shirish conducted the workshop. The workshop was initiated by Shirish, a faculty member with DMES & having in depth work expertise in the media industry – gave the students great insight into the world of visual effects. Shirish took the students through a movie marathon ranging from Hugo and Le Voyage dans la lune to Harishnandanchi Factory. He emphasized on the importance of visual effects in today’s media & design industry especially in the film industry.

He also showed them the difference in the methods used in VFX earlier on in cinema during the early 19th century – and threw light on the metamorphosis in the movie industry owing to the significant contribution by VFX. It was done manually in the 1930’s & 1950’s , and today due to technological advancement we have of course, come a very long journey. Mr Ravi took over by sharing his work expertise with these young, eager students who were keen on exploring the VFX industry – he introduced them to major concepts & technical terms & also ran them through various video’s on how Compositing & VFX is done for any particular shot. Students gained excellent exposure & knowledge on the same & process of green & blue screens. Soon after Ravi & Shirish had the students gain hands on practical training by shooting & editing a short film in the green studio at the DMES. Students eagerly participated in the same. All in all, it was an excellent workshop with students learning the fundamentals of VFX and its basic implementation in the film industry.


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