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UX & UI Design Workshop

UI UX Workshop_9.5.16


Dr. Sanjay Deshmukh, Vice Chancellor, Mumbai University unveiled the Design Media & Edutainment School, founded by Mr. Sathish Narayanan, with an eminent vision to create the next generation of design thinkers. The inauguration was followed by a UX/UI workshop for the students. The workshop was conducted by John Phillip (Principal Experience Designer – Infosys). He is an experience designer and has been heading the core UX/UI design team in Infosys for almost a decade now. Hence having immense knowledge in this field, he tried to educate students with the actuality of the field.

The workshop was swayed by the presence of Arun Raj (Design Director-Zarget) who was a medal winner at Worldskills held in 2015 in Germany for Graphic designing. The students got a chance to interact with him and share experiences.

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The students were briefed with the basic concepts regarding UX/UI design and were asked to perform various activities which helped them understand better. One of the students who attended the workshop said, “It was an amazing experience. Before this I had no clue that there are so many career options in designing but after attending this workshop I realized that there are so many of them. First I was doubtful if I would understand anything because I had no clue what UX/UI is but sir explained it so effortlessly and in easy words that I was able to catch up fast.”

The topics in workshop ranged over from UX/UI basics to designing your own app. The students were able to comprehend things like connection of UX with our emotions, various components of design, modern world of design, thin line between UX and UI, the similarities and dissimilarities in them.

Students were exposed to the new world of design and how the demand for design is growing in corporate world. Design these days is not just confined to as a hobby but also can be pursued as a career and that too great one. Hence this workshop helped the students to explore opportunities in the field designing.

Students were not just taught ‘What to think’ but also ‘How to think’. This is the highlighting aim of design media. Here we believe in igniting the creativity within students. Workshops are best place to learn and gain practical knowledge in a creative process.


There are many more upcoming workshops which are going to be held at Design Media & Edutainment School for students as well as professionals. We assure that you will be able to learn a lot here and will surely help you to raise your profile. For enrolling please visit


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