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Film Making Workshop


A kickback response to the Film making workshop at Design Media & Edutainment School

Design Media and Edutainment Solutions organized a film making workshop on the 19th, 20th, 21st May which turned out to be a great success. Students from different age group attended the workshop and seemed to have a great experience.

The program was conducted by the faculties of the institute. It was a three days workshop where students were taught various techniques of film making and got introduced to the actual film making process. Students from different streams like a doctor, IB school teacher, students from film school and enthusiastic college students marked their presence at the workshop. They claimed of having an enriching and knowledgeable experience here at Design Media and Edutainment Solutions and that too in a short span of three days.


Simran Solar, one of the students who attended the workshop while sharing her experience with design media said, “Design Media and Edutainment Solutions is a great place to spend your time productively. I was able to use my mind creatively after a very long time. The best part is that they have got faculty over here which has good experience in their field so it’s a very credible source to learn film making and you know that you have the best!”

Students have had an incredible experience here and were able to gain a fair amount of practical knowledge about film making. Ekta Batra, an IB school teacher, added, “Design Media and Edutainment Solutions would be the best answer to my drama. It has helped me to enhance my knowledge on drama, film making and educate my students. When I was informed about the faculty here, I was truly impressed by the kind of technical knowledge they bear. In the first day itself we learnt a lot from them about storytelling, elements of story, shots, scenes etc that are all part of film making”


Students in this workshop were provoked to think beyond the ordinary and come up with something innovative. To enable them to do this is verily the driving force of the institute.

Students also were asked to make a 3 minute film which was screened on the last day of workshop and was followed by discussion and film appreciation. This activity really helped them to understand better and step out with a greater confidence.


Creativity is a trait which is inborn, but one needs guidance to channelize it. This is exactly what we try to do here at Design Media. We help them to maneuver their creativity that will help them in their future.

Workshops and seminars form an integral part of learning at design school. Professionals and students can enroll for these to be able to learn more about creativity.



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