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Design Thinking

Design Thinking Workshop-01

Think the Design way!

Design Media & Edutainment School conducted 3 days workshop on Design Thinking, which was again a great success and full of creativity, innovation and inspiration. V.S.D Arularasan, a designer, creator and an artist himself, conducted it. He is trained in sculptor and a specialist in various paper art forms. He holds with him around three decades of experience in teaching arts and design subject and is the guru of Sathish Narayanan, founder of Design Media & Edutainment School.

In this current generation of competition, race to score better marks and rote learning, somewhere we have lost the essence of experiential learning. Students are losing their creativity because of being taught “How to learn?” but not “How to think?”  This was the backbone of the workshop, to enable students to think, get them out of their comfort zone and allow them to think creatively.


The power of design thinking is immense. The three days workshop was a collaborative platform to think, work, appreciate and criticize the way designs are made. It was for students to understand how designs can be utilized in creating innovative solutions for complex problem. It was indeed a workshop with lot of creativity, discussions, practical thinking, trying to create something extraordinaire from something ordinary and most importantly trying to think uniquely.

The workshop was to introduce students to the basics of designing, simplicity and elegance of designing, experiencing the power of innovation, learning to find innovative solutions for complex problem and creating new prototypes. It taught students the immense power that design bears. They were also acquainted with different forms of art such as Kolam, pop up arts and many. The students also seemed to enjoy all these activities.


Ruche Thigale, one of the students who attended the workshop shared her experience saying, “The workshop enabled me to understand the power of thinking and the power of “NOTHING”. We learnt that there are no limits to creativity and so much can be created from nothing.”

A great thinker once said, “Humans did not discover fire–they designed it. Design is not defined by software programs, blueprints, or font choice. When we create new things–technologies, organizations, processes, systems, environments, ways of thinking–we engage in design.” The Design Way provides a broad and deep understanding of design as a philosophy and a practice. It offers illuminating insights for leaders and managers interested in bringing the design way of thinking to business.


If you would like a more comprehensive understand of design thinking, design inquiry, and design culture, from a systemic perspective, you will gain many useful insights from our Design Media & Edutainment School. For upcoming workshops and further enquiry please visit email : Or Call : 020-26140024 / 25


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