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Aspiring to Create the Next generation of Design Thinkers
28th May 2016

Pune, India: Dr. Sanjay Deshmukh, Vice Chancellor, Mumbai University unveiled the Design Media & Edutainment School, founded by Mr. Sathish Narayanan, with an eminent vision to create the next generation of design thinkers. The event was attended by esteemed personalities like Venu Vemula (Serial Entrepreneur & working @ Google), Professor Arularasan (Kumbakonam College of Arts & Crafts), and Ashish Kulkarni (Chairman, FICCI AVGC) as chief guests. Distinguished filmmaker Ramesh Sippy sent his wishes to the new school, although he was unable to attend due to a last minute family emergency. Overall, the event was marked by the presence of many creative personalities who had come to bless the event.

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The school offers all encompassing courses in the world of art, design and animation. The primary focus is to match the growing demand from the industry, with a keen interest in learning and participating in today’s design revolution. This project is the brainchild of Mr. Sathish Narayanan and was his dream to offer such a platform for the students who have a keen interest in designing and wish to pursue a career in the same. He wishes to teach the students to think beyond the ordinary and come up with something innovative. That is the driving philosophy of the institute.

Design and art permeate every sector of our lives. Design Media & Edutainment School aims to be at the fore front of design education, transformational thinking while equipping the students with the right tools to be successful in the design industry.


Speaking on the new school, Mr. Sippy said, “The ability to bring a design idea to life and the thought process behind it makes all the difference between an ordinary and extraordinary idea. Sathish’s expertise and passion for mentoring and nurturing young design talent will surely bring out some of the next design stars. Due to a personal emergency, I was unable to attend the inauguration, but will surely visit soon.”

Mr. Sathish Narayanan, Founder and Director, Design Media & Edutainment School, highlighted, “Today ,story telling has grown to such an extent that we use it in every aspect from business presentations, film making, and animation VFX – design being the essence of all. This school will enable solutions for an array of courses that emphasize design in every facet. We want every student to take advantage of the courses in a creative environment. We want to create a world of design enthusiasts to design thinkers and doers.”


Dr. Sanjay Deshmukh, Vice Chancellor, Mumbai University added, “Coming from a background of education, we are always aiming to build industry-ready professionals. I applaud Sathish and DMES on the endeavor to create the next generation of design thinkers. Design has found importance in every aspect of business, and there is, indeed, a dearth of talent in this domain. DMES hopes to change this, and I wish them all the best.”

With this very vision of aiming to revolutionize, Design Media and Edutainment School provides a rigorous but rewarding training course for today’s youth to ignite their inner creativity. The Design School will be offering numerous long term and short terms courses to suit the varying needs of potential students. These include Diploma in Digital Film Making & TV Production, Visual Effects Design, Communication Design, Industrial Design, Animation Film Design and Textile & Fashion Design.


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