The Design School

Design- Media & Edutainment School (Design School)

Design- Media & Edutainment School is a hub for innovation and creativity. Being the research arm of Design- Media & Edutainment Solutions, it is completely dedicated to higher levels of interdisciplinary research & training in arts and designs. It aims to contribute significantly to the enrichment of social and cultural spheres of life, through design study, research and promotional activities.

Study at Design School

Here, at Design School, students and faculties communicate and collaborate together to enhance their skills and knowledge. The research and training is aimed at understanding different aspects of art and design through creative inquiry, analytical approach, experimental projects, healthy debates, and development of innovative & artistic creations.

The course curriculum is focused on increasing exposure and promoting experimentation. Students will be encouraged to attend numerous seminars, events, exhibitions, locally and internationally, in the field of arts and design. They will get a chance to communicate and learn from academicians, technicians, entrepreneurs, subject experts, etc who have successfully created a space of their own in the domain.

Furthermore, they will get to know about different art forms which will make them sensible towards the inter-dependability of design and art. Apart from this, group discussions, live demonstrations, joint projects, outdoor visits is given importance. Short term internships at top level firms form an integral part of the learning process.

Research in Six Segments

Research and training at Design School is divided into six segments namely communication design, animation film design, short film design, fashion & apparel design, and visual effects design.

Core Features

Our students benefit in a number of ways. Lined up are the core features of Design School.

Personal Attention

Students can be assured of personal attention from the faculties in exploring and enhancing their inner talent. Each student is unique and we give constant support and guidance to have an awesome career ahead as per their aspirations.

Learn from Real

We believe actual learning comes from exposure to the real happenings in the world of art & design. That is why we encourage our students to participate in contests, events, film festivals, conferences, taking place in India and other countries. Moreover, students get a chance to meet industry veterans at the events to gain inspiration and knowledge.  There will be professional workshops regularly by experienced people from the design industry.

Updated Course Structure

Our courses are aligned with the Qualification Pack approved by Media and Entertainment Skills Council, which is set up under National Skills Development Mission, Govt of India. The curriculum is up to date and perfectly designed with a vision to help students to reach their full creative potential. The course is well-structured in various levels to graduate as a professional.

Expert Instructors

We have with us the best faculties with proven expertise in the creative industry. Students at Design School get the right focus to succeed in their career by enrolling in the training program. The faculties are committed to developing their skills and enriching their knowledge. They act as the guiding stars for the students to excel in their design industry.

Community for Assistance

A community of design professionals, industry veterans, faculties, and alumni will always be available for assistance for our students. You will be ensured of accessibility to people and process, be it on any fields of design industry, when you enrol in our program. You will understand the work culture of leading industry associations as well as big studios. You will get an opportunity to work with us as well.

Our Highlights at a Glance

  • Training by industry experts
  • Opportunity for industry internship
  • Meeting with industry stalwarts
  • Individual attention & guidance
  • Participation in events, festivals locally & internationally
  • Regular workshops, seminars, and industry visits
  • Problem solving skills while working on live projects
  • Study in creative environment
  • Campus placement assistance
  • Opportunity to be part of our team
  • Introduction to potential employers


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