Visual Effects Design

Visual Effects Design

Are you looking for a career in Visual Effects Design? We offer power packed visual effects courses focusing on the latest trends, techniques and practices used in the industry.

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Our VFX Courses equip you with the relevant knowledge and skills to be successful in the industry. We teach the skills from the basics of art, visualization design, scaling & proportion, color theory, set extension, VFX filmmaking, Chroma Keying Techniques Forshoot, CGI Graphics, and then expose the students to 3D computer graphics.

Our in-house facilities has VFX shooting floor green room and edit suit to experience the real production techniques. We teach seamless integration of CG elements with real characters and the complete process of photorealistic lighting and compositing. This program is also very well designed to enable a student to excel to become a VFX supervisor / producer in future and at least they will began their career as Roto expert. 

What you will learn: 

Stream of Study

Art & Design


Day To Night conversion

Pre visualization

Set Extension

Chroma Keying Techniques

Time Warping

Digital make up

Color correction

Fundamentals of Film making

Color theory

Digital Matte painting

Introduction to Animation

Match moving

Touch up & Paint

VFX planning and shooting


Digital intermediate process

Masking techniques

2D Compositing

Multi Pass Compositing

Maya And NUKE integration

Advance Roto

Multi-Plate compositing

3D Process


Fundamentals of 3D

3D Asset Management

Lighting techniques

Advance modeling techniques

3D Multi layer compositing

Intro to Rigging and animation

Texturing and shading techniques

3D Tracking

Dynamics for vfx

Rendering techniques

3d for nuke&Maya to nuke integration

Roto scoping techniques

Software & Tech

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe After Effects


Adobe Premier

3D Maya

Match moving

Industry engagement


Studio Internship

Group Project

Experts Seminars

Work while you learn

Graduation Project

Industry visit

Project validation by Jury members

Campus Placement

Job Opportunity in Visual Effects

Animation & VFX (visual effects ) Industry in India is growing at an average 16.1 %yearly and expected to reach INR 108.0 billion by 2020. You have various job opportunities in:

Fully fledged CGI Animation Studios / Visual Effects services studios / Television series production studios / Advertising Agencies / Production houses / Corporate film maker / Motion graphics Artist/Roto Artist/Paint Artist/ 2D Animator/3D Animator/Modeling Artist/Lighting Artist/Match Mover/Dynamics Artist/Junior Compositor/Prep Artist/VFX Generalist/Shading Artist

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