Game, AR & VR Design

Game, AR & VR Design

In the background of exponential success of gaming in the developing Asian region, the Indian
gaming Industry has realized the latent critical volumes; Yet the games have found acceptance
as a means of entertainment in the everyday life of an urban Indian. A fact better understood
by the success of movie – based games, although free for consumers, provide Bollywood an
accepted engaging cannel to reach the masses through smart phones. AR & VR making head
ways, the pure functional approach of augmented reality is changing the way gamers are
interacting with the world around. After the viral success of Pokemon GO, AR is a proven
success and is expected to see more adaptation. This game which boasted 21 million daily
users, with INR 650 million revenue per day during its peak has shown a new dimension of

The gaming industry alone in India has grown from INR 26.5 billion in 2015 to INR 30.5 billion
and is on a path of steady growth with the estimated CAGR of 18.1 percent to reach INR 71
billion in 2020. AR & VR is a evolving in India and is going to take center stage in the next few
years. So why are you waiting for? join the world of Gaming, Virtual Reality and Augmented

Course brief:

Design Media and Edutainment School took over 2 years to design one of its flagship
programme Game, AR & VR Design courses which will help you to build a successful career in
creating virtual world. If you are a creative person and thinking about career options after 12th
or engineering, here is your road to success in the world of gaming. Requirement for skilled
professionals as well as game designer salary in India is going up and opportunities are
abundant for skilled professionals. In this competitive industry, companies are looking for
creative people who are passionate about the craft of taking a video game from concept to

Our Game, AR & VR Design Course will help you prepare to do just that, as you study everything
from Digital Imaging to Designing Virtual Interior Spaces and Worlds.

What you will learn :

Your future starts in our Game art & Design programs, where you can learn what you need to
become a key player in the video game, AR & VR creation process. Using the same kinds of
technology professional’s use.

As a student you’ll learn the skills to develop game art techniques such as modeling, texturing
and game engine integration using the latest software. Your studies will focus on learning the
tools to develop amazing game art and to incorporate that art into real-time environments
using Autodesk Maya, ZBrush , Unreal Engine and other game development tools.

Course Outline:

Stream of Studies

1Game design, Concepts of AR & VR
2Art Foundation, Sketching & Illustrations
3Analytical Figure Drawing
4Digital Concept Art, Virtual World creation.
5 Production History & Game Analysis
6 2D & 3D Fundamentals
7 2D & 3D Asset Development
8 Character Modeling
9 Hard Surface Modeling
10 Shading for Games
11 Advance Lighting & Rendering
12 Game Engines for VR
13 Post-Production Support

Software and Technicality

Adobe PhotoshopAdobe Illustartor3D Maya
ZbrushUnreal EngineUnity 3D
Substance PainterxNormals VR /ARQuixel Suite
Mobile GamingConsol GamesPC Games
Substance Painter Quixel Suite xNormals
VR head sets

Industry Engagements

WorkshopsCampus placementsWork while you learn
Experts SeminarsParticipation in Indian and international competitionsProject validation by Jury members
Industry visits Studio Internship Graduation Project


Having some of the best professionals from the gaming industry on board, Design School, Pune
aims to equip the students with the right knowledge and focus to succeed in design career. At
Design School, the faculties understand the requirements of the industry and apply relevant
techniques in teaching. Our faculties are exclusively handpicked after analyzing their years of
experience and passion for knowledge sharing and teaching animation courses. Their exposure
to the actual production process, problem-solving skills, and in-depth subject knowledge will be
value addition to any student pursuing this course.

Career Options

We know career options after 12th & Engineeringwill be vast but if you take up career as game designer then you have ample of choices to choose your career as

Pre production artist / Game Designer/AR & VR Designer / Character animator/Game Developer/Game Tester/Game
Modeler/Level designer/Game Quality assurance tester/Interactive Media Designer/ Gameplay
Programmer/ Concept Artist / Photoshop artist / Texturing Artist / Digital Painter / Matte
Painting artist / 3D animation Modelers / 3D Texturing Artist / Lighting Artist / Effects Artist
/Rendering Assistant/Concept Artist/ 3D Modeler/Lighting Artist/Texturing artist / UV artist/
Rigger / Production Coordinator / Production Manager / Project Manager / Line Producer /

Duration of the Courses :

30 Months: 1850 Hours

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