The Do’s & Don’ts  Of Photography
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dos-donts Do’s :
  • Take a course
  • Invest in good photography equipment
  • Learn to shoot in Manual mode
  • Learn editing (after process)
  • Be spontaneous
  • Clean your lens & image sensor. Maintain your equipment.
  • Purchase a Tri-Pod
  • Practice ! Practice! Practice!
  • Meet other photographers
  • Attend seminars, workshops etc on Photograph
Don’ts :
  • Don’t compare your work to others
  • Don’t undervalue good glass!
  • Don’t let location keep you from shooting
  • Don’t be overwhelmed by post processing
  • Don’t think you need to buy expensive speed lights
  • Don’t be afraid to keep upgrading your photography skills!
  • Don’t limit your style
  • Don’t limit yourself to family & friends – share your work
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