What Our Students Say

  • Shweta Prasad

    At the beginning of my journey at DMES I was confused at what i wanted to do,what were my design abilities, will my basics be clear, but at within a few months at DMES I had all my doubts cleared....

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  • Priyanka

    “Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up” -Pablo Picasso   Paintings, globs of paints, brushes and colors are the things that have fascinated me since the age of four. I...

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  • Namrata Mundada

    DMES is one of those. It all started with a zero. I came pune to achieve my dreams. Dreams to lead a better and successful life. I fought tooth and nail and came across this best institution “THE DMES”. Balancing...

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  • Yash Deshmane

    Phew! what a week, I am excited about our Diwali break and the fun we will have in the break. Festivals inspire creativity and freedom and that’s what we were  busy doing the whole week. This week was a memorable one for...

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  • Salman

    I joined DMES on July 2016 and since then I’ve learned a lot about art and design. Met new people made new friends made new things had a lot of fun actually. We we started with the basics and then...

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  • Aditya Vora

    The Experience in DMES is good. Before Joining Design Media School i knew very less about this field but now i know almost everything. This made m have a very good observation and sense of animation and VFX. The friendly...

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